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dataisnaturePhoto taken during Flight from Luxor to Cairo – Paul Prudence

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  1. Bryan Mattson writes:

    I am releasing a record off a detroit based label “Division X Records” i thought one of the prints on this page would look great as the cover art, let me know your thoughts on this idea, thanks – Bryan M

  2. paul writes:

    Hey Bryan – Sent you a reply to your message to your mail account.

  3. tom writes:

    Paul you might be interested in a couple of projects we’ve done.
    The Southern Ocean Studies, which uses climate data and modelling techniques

    And cyclone.soc which uses satellite data

    Happy to talk some more. Really interesting blog.


  4. Max Harris writes:
    Live interactive chaotic spatiotemporal dynamic visual system!

  5. Charlie writes:

    Hi Paul,
    Yesterday i told you about the Artware 5 prints.
    I really want to know how you did it.
    It’s look amazing!
    That’ s my
    Thank you so much
    Your workshop student, charlie

  6. Fernando Porto writes:

    I think my work with Apophysis, Mandelbulb and Fractal Explorer and may be of interest.

  7. matt l. writes:

    do you do a mailing list? I guess I need to find an RSS reader for iphone but I haven’t done that yet. Thanks.

  8. paul writes:

    Tom, Max and Ferdnado, thanks for dropping by and sharing those links. Matt, I do not have mailing list right now.

  9. Marcio D. writes:

    Hi great site, added to sustainable – social design tag (top). Best!!

  10. Chris writes:

    Wonderful site Paul, having only discovered it a few weeks ago I am not thru all your post yet so I don’t know if you have seen this- pianola rolls play birch bark patterns
    Press for laser cut pianola rolls for artist Maria Elena Gonzalez – See more at:

  11. Barbara Kelly writes:

    I have a daffodil x ray photograph signed with initials DTH & dated 1955. Do you know who is this artist?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You-

  12. Grady Martine writes:

    Ive been following for about two years, I love the work, and it helps inspire me a lot. I’m working toward a degree in computer science for AI. I was just wondering where you continually get the materials for this?

  13. paul writes:

    Hey Grady, thanks for reading. Materials come from all angles, a list of feeds and blogs I regularly read, people I follow on twitter, research trails related to my personal work and the books that I read.

  14. artia doughty writes:

    This message is very important, i have “art” work, created by Lorenz Stoer 1555, and im intrested in having the work introduce, for publishing purposes and general procurement. I can be contacted by email:

  15. Cyrill writes:

    Hi There,
    My name is Cyrill Etter and i am one of the funders and the curator of the Game Science Center Berlin. We are an independant exhibition space focused to show new technologies and new ways of interaction. You can find more information on

    I just stumbled across your cool project “WiiWiiWiiWii” and wanted to ask if you could imagine to show it here at the GSC?

    Thanks for your time

    Best regards,


  16. Ismael Calderon writes:

    The Newark Museum will be hosting a number of exhibits starting in September that deal with the theme of color and will be hosting a family festival on October 17th, 2015 to complement the exhibits. We are looking for a visual music presentation. Can you please contact me. Thanks.

  17. Eric writes:

    Paul, I found one of your articles, The Hindu Temple as a Model of Fractal Cosmology, on HackerNews. Thank you for the inspiration!

    I have been looking for ways to use my programming skills as an explorer of reality & nature. You helped shake me out of my rut!


  18. William Rondina writes:

    I love your work. I want to know more.

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