Selected Tweets #25: Sunspots, Fulgurites & Pathological Fractals

Georg_von_WellingIllustrations from Opus mago-cabalisticum et theologicum – Georg von Welling [1719]

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream @MrPrudence

Group of Sun Spots and Veiled Spots – E. L. Trouvelot [1873].

Chromatic Drawings – Ivan Wyschnegradsky.

Polyomino II – Jose Sanchez and students. Combinatorial patterns generated in Unity3D.

Illustrations from Opus mago-cabalisticum et theologicum – Georg von Welling [1719].

Hacker Slang and Hacker Culture – AI Koans, Hacker Folklore in The Jargon File, circa 2000.

A Cognitive Computation Fallacy? Cognition, Computations and Panpsychism – John Mark Bishop.

The Analog Art – Joost Rekveld traces the history of analogue computing leading to his current film work #59.

No Code: Null Programs – Nick Montfort [PDF]. The null program or lack of code as a functioning program.

Marginal, Local and Time-Bound – Sydney Lévy [PDF]. Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Babbage & the machinations of the mind.

Hadopelagic – Hideki Inaba. Fischingeresque time and motion study in candy coloured pop.

CarpentryIllustration from Carpentry : Being A Comprehensive Guide Book for Carpentry and Joinery – Nicholson, Peter, [1848]

EKO ComputeRhythm – a drum machine that used punched paper cards from 1972.

Art of the Airport Tower – Carolyn Russo. The airport tower as monumental abstraction.

Illustrations from Elektricität und Licht – Otto Lehmann [1895].

Incomprehensible Brainfuck talks formal L-Sys.

Commodore 8580 chip. Hi-res [133MB]. Plus many more at 

Ilya Prigogine on The Arrow of Time – Is time a fluid reversible cosmic commodity? – Omni Mag, 1983.

“The arrow of time is an arrow of increasing correlations.” Natalie Wolchover on entanglement as entropy.

Frolicsome Engines: The Long Prehistory of Artificial Intelligence – Jessica Riskin.

‘Others seek and achieve notoriety, Hinton has achieved almost total obscurity’ – Borges on Howard C Hinton and his Fourth Dimension.

Imaginary city landscapes by Georg Bohle.

the-trouvelot-astronomical-drawingsGroup of Sun Spots and Veiled Spots – E. L. Trouvelot [1873]

Theosophical images from Europe from the 1930’s at Lexicon magazine.

‘Some fractals were rejected by mathematicians and labelled pathological and monstrous.’ Infinite Space and Self-Similar Form – Laura Strudwick

Enlivening The Grid. On Channa Horwitz’s grid-system Sonakinatography.

Joe Banks, author of ‘Rorschach Audio’ on the visual construction of ‘reality’.

Chance and Order Group VII, Drawing 6 – Kenneth Martin. Lines between randomly defined points.

The strangely relaxing abstractions of Aeroese poetry – “Establish localiser two-seven-right”.

Geometric stimulation arrives from unlikely sources: 17C carpentry & joinery manuals.

Illustration from Man Visible & Invisible – Charles Leadbeater [1903].

Geodesic Model – William Donovan [1980] Made from ‘nit sticks’ used to check for head lice.

Théâtre Mobile – Pascal Häusermann.

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