Ulla Wiggen – Conductive Abstractions

Kretsfamilj – Ulla Wiggen [1965] Kretsfamilj – Ulla Wiggen [1965]

Between 1963 and 1969 Ulla Wiggen made a series of paintings of circuit board schematics and close up studies of the interiors of electrical components and technical equipment. Elements of realism, abstraction and minimalism co-exist in equal measures but seen in the context of the Ulla’s later work these meticulous acrylic paintings of conductive pathways might be more accurately viewed as a kind of portraiture.

Simultantolkning – Ulla Wiggen [1965] Simultantolkning – Ulla Wiggen [1965]

The works range from straight-forward representation of amplifier systems to more complex compositions that depict elements combined from different systems. The compositional concern and aesthetic constraint gives rise to an imaginary and speculative utility – a pataphysical flow of induction, capacitance and impedance based on spatial abstraction.

 Kanalväljare – Ulla Wiggen [1967] Kanalväljare – Ulla Wiggen [1967]

 Pulsgivare – Ulla Wiggen [1967] Pulsgivare – Ulla Wiggen [1967]

minnescentrum_gott_minne – Ulla Wiggen [1967] Minnescentrum Gott Minne – Ulla Wiggen [1967]

Moment, a show of Ulla Wiggen’s paintings from the period is on at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm from 13 April 2013 to 25 August 2013.

‘The works, even though they lack figurative characters, have an immediate human relevance, either through anthropomorphosis of the machines, or as dealing with the complex relationship between man and machine.’ – Fredrik Liew

Förutsättningar – Ulla Wiggen [1967] Förutsättningar – Ulla Wiggen [1967]

Möjliga-Kopplingar – Ulla Wiggen [1968] Möjliga-Kopplingar – Ulla Wiggen [1968]

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