About The Author: Paul Prudence

Paul PrudencePerforming at Plums Festival, Moscow, 2012

Paul Prudence is an artist and audio-visual performer working with generative video environments and abstract sound. His work, which has been shown and performed internationally, focuses on the ways in which sound, space and form can be cross-wired to create live-cinematic visual-music experiences. He also maintains the weblog Dataisnature exploring the historical and contemporary interrelationships between natural processes, computational systems and procedural-based art practices

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Portfolio can be found here

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Limited edition digital artworks at Sedition

Email: Paul AT transphormetic DOT COM

Performances and exhibitions


Biohacker Summit, Helsinki.
Le Vide et la Lumière at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes. (with Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand).
José Guerrero Art Center, Grenada.
Ars Electronica, Linz.
Mapping Festival, Geneva.
The Generative Cinema, Kuntskapel, Amsterdam.


Mutek Mexico, Mexico City.
Elektra Festival, Montreal.
SAT IX Symposium, Montreal.
LEV [Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual], Gijon, Spain.
Volumens Festival, Valencia.
Mirage Festival, Lyon.


Days of Fear and Wonder, BFI (British Film Institute), London.
Touch Me Festival, Zagreb.
Maxxi, Rome.
MirrorCity, Hayward Gallery, London.
Kinetica, London.
Axs Festival, Pasadena, US.
Mira Festival, Barcelona.
Gogbot, Enschede, Netherlands.
Mira Festival, Barcelona.
xCoAX – Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Porto, Portugal.
A/visions 4: Optical Termors, Elektra-Mutek, Montreal.
Resonate Festival, Belgrade.
Visible Bits, Audible Bytes, Leicester, UK.
Tech Art, Rotterdam.


Seeing Sound Symposium, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK
Kaluga Planetarium and Space Museum, Kaluga, Russia.
Coded Matters #2 [Sound Hackers], Amsterdam.
Renew Digital Arts Festival, Copenhagen
TodaysArt, Den Haag.
Sphaerae at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
PureGold at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.
Hydroacoustics, Stubniz, London.
Plex Basement Sessions #2, The Others, London.
Arc Festival, Bristol, UK
Apeiron, Kinetica, London.
Audio:Visual:Motion, Manchester University, Manchester.


Cymatics, Generative Visual Music & The Third Eye curated by Francsico Lopez for Red Bull Music Academy.
Controlled Evidence, Simons Center for Physics & Geometry, StonyBrook, US.
Immerge, SHO-ZYG, London.
Scopitone Festival, Nantes, France.
Giratorio – Festival of New Musics and Experimental Sound, Puerto Rico.
Plums Audio-Visual Experiments Festival, Moscow, Russia.
LEV [Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual], Gijon, Spain.
Gates Planetarium, Denver, US.
Hydroacoustic Study II (with Francisco Lopez) The Cube, Denver, US.
Encountering Data, Stonybrook University, New York, US.
Bioreactor/Synergetica, Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
Scratch Nights, MK Gallery, UK.


Videomedja Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia.
Dataisnature, Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton, UK.
Störung 6, Barcelona, Spain.
Seeing Sound II Symposium, Bath, UK.
Synthetic Cinema – Share Festival (exhibition), Belgrade.
Hering AV, Leverkusen, Wuppertal & Cologne.
HAIP10/New Nature, Ljubljana.


MRFU International Festival of Digital Arts, Maribor, Slovenia.
The Root of The Root (exhibition), New York City, US.
Node10 – Forum For Digital Arts, Frankfurt.
ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art), Dortmund, Germany.
Spsound/Ambifonica, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Electrovision, London, UK
Quartz Electronic Music Awards, Paris, France.
Optofonica – Seeing Sound, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Sonic Acts XIII: The Poetics of Space – Planetarium Artis, Netherlands.


Artware 5, Peruvian North American Cultural Institute, Lima, Peru.
Bridges Maths Art, Banff, Canada.
Le Name Festival, Lille Planetarium, Lille, France.
Minitek Festival, New York City, US


Cronosfera, Turin, Italy.
Immersion, London, UK.
Tomorrow Now, Engage the Code, Venice, Italy.
Code In Motion – Sound Reaction, Turin, Italy.
Hacktronic, Boston, US.
Playgrounds Audio-Visual Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands.
Openlab3, London, UK
Art.ficial Emotion, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Decibelio, Madrid, Spain.
Generative Strategies, Santa Cruz, Spain.
Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft-Architecture, Utretch.

Lectures & Workshops

Chromophore, xCoAX – Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Porto
Holo Encounters [Q&A with HOLO Magazine Editor-in-Chief Greg J. Smith] Elektra-Mutek 2014, Montreal.
The Listening Eye, Resonate, Belgrade.
Visual Music: Geometries of the Unseen [with Peter Kirn, Joanie Lermercier and Yuri Suzuki], Resonate, Belgrade.


Kinetica, London.
Video Aesthetics Master Class lecture, Brunel University, London
Audio:Visual:Motion, Manchester University, Manchester.


Generative Visual Music & The Third Eye curated by Francsico Lopez for Red Bull Music Academy
Spheriometria mirror-dome workshop, ArtScience Inter-faculty, Den Haag, Netherlands
Controlled Evidence, Simons Centre for Physics & Geometry, StonyBrook, US.
National Museum of Art, Taichung, Taiwan
Playgrounds 2012, National Taipei University of Art, Taipei, Taiwan.
Colourspace Sound Convergences, British School of Art & Design, Moscow.
VVVV for Generative Visual Music & Live Cinema – Denver University, US.
Transphormetic – Dorkbot, University of London, London.
Cross-Wired Sonified Generative Environments, Goldsmiths College, London.
Hydrodynamic Poetics, Science Gallery, Dublin.


Sound-Space-Tone – A history of Visual Music, MFRU, Maribor, Slovenia.
VVVV workshop for live AV Performance, MFRU, Maribor, Slovenia.
Systems, Processes & Emergent Computation, HAIP10-New Nature, Slovenia.
Sonified Feedback Computation, London Knowledge Lab.


Vectors to Vertex – Communicating Maths Students, Leicester University.
Sound-Space Amalgamations – MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, NY.
Mixed Media Metaphors – The London International Festival of Science Fiction.
Baltan Session – Baltan Laboratories, Philips STRP, Netherlands.
Cymatic Feedback Tessellations – Royal Conservatoire of Music, Netherlands.
Generative Spaces: The Spatiotemporal Subroutines of Runtime Planet Earth – Sonic Acts XIII, Netherlands.


Transphormetic, Royal Institution, London.
Zero to Infinity, Dana Centre, London.
Rules: Algorithms, Structures & Intuition, Computer Arts Society, London.
Computational Creativity, Playgrounds AV Festival, Tilburg.
Recursion, Symmetry & Tessellation Feedback Systems, Bridges, Netherlands.
Node 08: Forum For Digital Arts, Frankfurt.
Autocatalytic Systems – Crystalpunk workshop for Soft Architecture, Utrecht [2006]

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