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‘Luscious immense collection of fresh visual ideas: Nature + computing + art, graciously combined’ – Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte – author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations and Beautiful Evidence.

dataisnaturePhoto taken during Flight from Luxor to Cairo – Paul Prudence

Dataisnature came into being in October 2004 initially collecting together artworks using computational techniques and algorithmic strategies. It was particularly interested in works that borrowed algorithms from the scientific community – re-appropriating code systems that modeled nature to create generative artworks. Along the way it realised that what it was really interested in was PROCESS. And more importantly the relationship between process to form – how rules generate structure.

It then began to gather artworks using ‘human computation’ and procedural creativity. In more recent years, its direction has shifted towards Earth Processes – metamorphic algorithms, aeolian protocols and hydro-dynamic computations – a systematic way of seeing the Earth as a generative spatio-temporal pattern making machine.

Dataisnature’s interest in process is far and wide reaching – it may also include posts on visual music, parametric architecture, computational archaeology, psychogeography and cartography, experimental musical notational, utopian constructs, visionary divination systems and counter cultural systems.

The impetus behind this weblog is to share and collate my findings in a central repository and publish for the benefit of interested communities.

Paul Prudence, June 2012

contact: Paul AT dataisnature DOT COM

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  1. sally rockriver writes:

    Dear Paul,
    thank you so much for citing my geochemical crystal formations in your may05 article. I have visited you website and I love what you are doing with you life!
    How did you find me/my work? just curious,
    Id like to link your site to mine if thats okay,
    from someone like-minded,
    Sally Rockriver

  2. margaret wertheim writes:

    I like your website – i think you might like ours.
    its the Institute For Figuring

  3. MIchele Bagaglio writes:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the interesting information published on this website. I used some of the Chaotic Attractors info to write some an audio implementation, downloadable on my website, http://www.freewebs.com/musicbag

  4. Paul writes:

    Just wanted to leave you a llittle note I’ve been reading your blog since it started really and I’m glad you keep it so updated I wish I could say the same for mine! But yes big repect to you for running such a wicked site maybe I’ll bump into you in london at a exhibt soon lol


  5. Michael Carbone writes:

    Wow!!! My newest, but most favorite site.

    Thank you for doing this.

    Stay well,

  6. João writes:

    Hi Paul!
    This site is a reference!
    Sent you an e-mail, btw.
    João (ocp)

  7. Harvey Rayner writes:

    I’ve created a link to your fantastic site. I’ll leave it up for a few weeks as it adds real value to my visitors. http://www.root2art.co.uk/link_exchange/index.html If you reciprocate i’ll make it permanent. Sorry to add this as a comment, but could find an email address.

  8. Helena writes:

    Hi Paul.
    I am a regular visitor, though my area is product design. I came across this exhibition I don’t know if it could interest you. It is about nature and innovatiion – bionics. Not only in design but in science too.

  9. doug selway writes:

    Here’s my stumbleupon comment. I’ll be back to this site once I’ve had a chance to reflect on it : This really got my attention even though as a pencil based artist most of it went right over my head. Visualising data – what I call drawing. Phrases really resonated – ‘glitch aesthetics’ – I certainly recognise that one from drawing where mistakes and corrections are really important participants in the development of the work.

  10. calvie alexis writes:

    hi , i’m french and i don’t speak very well english , sorry !
    i work around op art and geometric design in dotwork tattoo , you can see some of my work at http://www.myspace.com/asn83
    that can interest you …..

    your website is excelent !!!!!

    thank you.

  11. Jay Hixson writes:

    Wow, I’ll be spending hours here. You’ve really done a great job here. Thank you for putting together such an awesome collection of things that fascinate me! I’m starting with structure synth! Wish me luck!

  12. David Sanchez writes:

    Hi Paul! Your compilation is fantastic… I have a blog and I make a post about you and the potentialities for eco-design and biomimetics. Kind regards

  13. Objektiv writes:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  14. Lewis Smart writes:

    Been following your blog for years and loving it.
    I thought you might be interested in some of my work as I’ve been very inspired by things you’ve posted while making it, particularly space filling algorithm type art.


    Well, hope you enjoy, and thanks for all the inspiration :)


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