Autumn – Pawfal

Autumn – Pawfal

Pawfal are doing a lot of interesting things with sound using Linux. I confess to not having played with Linux for a few years now for various reasons but some of these meta-audio-gadgets certainly give me an excuse to fire up my Vaio with Dynebolic

Autumn is an application that creates, or rather grows, melodies by the interactive growing and selection of tree like lifeforms. The environment is a simple plane populated by a number of trees, forming a forest (current tests involve populations of a 20 to 50 trees). As trees grow, they give off fragments of song as a side effect to their growth.’

Ever wondered what L-systems might sound like? Pawful are already looking into genetic programming using L-systems to produce pattern music.

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  1. Mike D writes:

    You might be interested in the work of the Soddells — they used l-systems to grow models of algae, and then interpreted the patterns as audio.

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