Since there’s been some of it landing from the sky recently in England lets talk about snow and particularly snowflakes. Whilst browsing John Maeda’s Simplicity blog I came across an entry on the snowflake-a-thon, an idea Maeda had incubating for some time. The rules for this competition were simple – ‘Create the simplest program that generates the most beautiful snowflake’. The winner, Hugo Liu, came up with a particularly ingenious concept!

Snowflakes could be the patron saint of dataisnature, displaying natures way of exacting beautiful mathematical symmetry and precision. Here are some more snowflakes and snowflake generators :

Nthd’s snowflake generator takes a simple message and wraps it into a series of random snowflake shapes based on the basic hexagonal morphology of a snow crystal.

Softarchitecture takes a splendid interactive approach

Fractal Snowflake Generator is small freeware utility for creating fractal snowflakes, patterns and backgrounds.

Finally my favourite right now is Zefranks 3-d visualisation!

While you’re viewing these why not listen to ‘Snowflake Vectors’ from ‘The center cannot hold’ ep by Digitonal!

oh and for more flockenphillia go here

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