Selected Tweets #13: 12May-29July 2011

Tube – Ara PetersonTube – Ara Peterson

Recent selected tweets from my Twitter stream: @MrPrudence

Ludwig Zeller’s Introspectre, Dromolux & Optocoupler speculate the future of different kinds of information exchange.

The Do-Nothing Machine – Charles Eames’s Kinetic solar toy [Video]. More info can be found at the Airform Archives.

AH // Dissections – Realitat. Illustratively styled computational work using Voronoi and Catmull Clark algorithms.

Structure Series – Marcos Montane. Circular and spirographic Delaunay triangulations.

Any Colour You Like (Pyramid IV) – Dev Harlan. Optical pattern projection-mapping.

Piotr Kamler – Une Mission Ephémère A cryptic, geometric mind-food breakfast.

The Square – Stanley Tigerman and G.L. Crabtree [1975] Kaleidoscopic combinatoric projection drawings at Rndrd.

Vasarely – P. Kassovitz [1960]. Exhibition documentary with music ‘NEG-ALE’ by Xenakis.

Ara Peterson’s laser-cut wood assembled sculptures with time-based properties are featured at DesignBloom.

Felix Turner has created a WebGL emulation of the Rutt-Etra Video Synthesizer [scan-line displacement video effects].

Virus Models [1965] – Ted Klotz including the lamp-like Adenovirus with its 240 nut-shaped units in 20 equilateral triangles.

Emoc’s Paysages -textural compositions from photos by translating pixel colours to deterministic shapes.

Digital Archeology: Excavating the 6502 Chip. Its schematic – one of the last to be hand drawn.

Une Mission Ephémère - Piotr Kamler
Une Mission Ephémère – Piotr Kamler

Visual6502 has some very high resolution images [Die Shots] of early pioneering CPU chips including a Motorola 6800 [75MB!].

The Sun Cutter Project – Markus Kayser. Extreme Solar powered laser cutting.

Digiman discusses the objectivity of his own existence and generative modular synthesis from binary signals.

Flottille – Etienne Cliquet. Micro-origamis unfold via capillary action of water.

The Proof – David Colosi. An interior of a math equation & the laboratory used for its generation as art piece.

Automatypewriter ‘self-reflexive’ & self-typing interface for interactive fiction games.

Piet – A programming language in which programs look like the grid abstractions of Piet Mondrian.

Very Slow Scan Television – Gebhard Sengmüller. TV images encoded into bubble wrap at 1 frame/day.

Microvenus – Joe Davis. ‘feminine’ code inserted into a bacterium and sent into space.

Processing patterns for flyer/poster design including Puddle – Andreas Gysin.

60’s electromechanical calculating machines and rotary calculators photographs – Mark Glusker.

Mechanical Calculators – Kevin Twomley. Intricate/complex/alien gear systems of early calculating machines.

Fans of Zimoun will also enjoy Pe Lang. Multi-form mechanised kinetic-sound sculptures.

Large collection of old Electronic Music Resources at UBU including periodicals and books.

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    hi Paul, i’d be interested to know what u think on my exploits with interpreting gps data into an abstract animation inspired by 2d painters and printmakers reinterpreting the landscape @51joe

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