Aristides Garcia – Hexagrama [Metatronic Clockwork Sequencing]

Hexagrama - Arístides García
Hexagrama – Aristides Garcia

Aristides Garcia’s Hexagrama is a visual music study, made with VVVV, based on the interactions and movements of ‘clockwork’ geometric forms. Music sequencers usually rely on a standardised left to right reading of a timeline for the recording and triggering of audio. Hexagrama breaks the mould of this traditional linearity. Using a circular schematic of chronology allows the ‘hands’ to trigger percussive sounds while the subdivsioned shapes cue other synthesized waveforms in steadily increasing complexity. All sounds are triggered by information sent from VVVV to a VST instrument.

Score for Metastasis - XenakisScore for Metastasis – Iannis Xenakis

Not surprisingly Aristides has used non-standard music notation scores from the 50s and 60s as pointers to his process – citing the notations of Xenakis as a key reference. Other inspiration comes from sacred and esoteric geometry, notably the Metatron Cube, as well as Islamic tessellation patterns.

For more works by Aristides head over to his website, where you find documentation on VJ performance projects, Installation projections and other works made with the video synthesis tool-kit, VVVV.

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