The Diaroma Paintings of Jerry Judah

Painting - Jerry Judah
Painting – Jerry Judah

Jerry Judah’s sculptural relief paintings depict haphazard structures, shanti-town sprawls, decaying settlements and the temple complex ruins. Taking inspiration from the landscapes of India, his monochromatic dioramas are generated from recollections of the ornate temple architecture he encountered there growing up as a child.

Many of the works appear to have been generated by a kind of emergent accretion, perhaps mimicking the organic growth of unplanned towns and urban self-organisation. The ‘settlements’ are surfaced by a multiplicity of recognisable elements – aerial masts, satellite dishes and phone lines.

Judah’s imaginary landscapes (ften dystopian) are evocative of the rhizomatic architectural propositions of Lebbeus Woods. The structures are also reminiscent of algorithmically generated constructions and landscapes panoramas that have been defined by procedural techniques.

Originally spotted at Algorithmic Worlds
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