Quayola – Architectural Augmentation & Digital Constructivism

Quayola - Architectural Augmentation & Digital Constructivism
Partitura – Quayola

London based Quayola creates audiovisual works, using software based systems, as well more traditional photographic and video compositing methods to create geometric and architectural visual music films and performances. His most recent work utilises Delauney Triangulation techniques and Voronio sub-divisioning to overlay and augment classical imagery. This, in his own words, ‘enables the real and the artificial to coexist harmoniously’. Crystalline topologies and coloured facets are derived from the computational analysis of classical works such as Velazquez’s Las Meninans. In Strata the topographies imply geological terrains, as the triangulation folds into 3 dimension space, and degenerates into wire-frame landscapes.

Quayola’s visual music projects include crisp syncopated graphic forms which appear equally suited to minimal tech-house (as in PTA) as they are modern solo piano compositions (revealed in a preview of Partitura). In both cases success is achieved by the use of precise audio-visual synergies, constructivist idioms and a sense of an unfolding abstract narrative.

Quayola’s work is realised with the input of specialists such as sound designers, programmers and photographers, details of which are annotated for each project.

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