NODE10 – Forum for Digital Arts

NODE 10 - The Forum for Digital Arts
NODE 10 – The Forum for Digital Arts

There are more than a few good reasons to write a post on VVVV – the video synthesis tool-kit developed by the VVVV Group in Germany. The first is Node 10 – The Forum for Digital Arts which takes place between the 15th and 20th of November in Frankfurt. Looking at the program with workshops, lectures and exhibitions it looks every bit as good, and most likely better, than Node 08.

Marius Watz & Eno Henze have curated the accompanying exhibition, adapting a similar policy to Node 08 Lecture series, whereby work and ideas totally unconnected to the software have been included. Works chosen explore the wider context of procedural design and more specifically that of systems for abstraction. Expect to see work by Jorinde Voigt, who creates complex drawings of networked elements, and Zimoun who makes kinetic sonic contraptions. There are also works from a variety of artists well-known within the generative art and data visualisation communities.

A structured workshop program is defined to cater for specific interests with an emphasis on the practical. Whether it be visual music, data visualisation, or physical computing, there is something to cater for everyone.

Genesi - Abstract BirdsGenesi – Abstract Birds

There are also evening events with club-orientated material, live visuals and a VVVVinisage. Certainly not to be missed is Pedro Mari and Nata Singaglia’s performance under the name of Abstract Birds. Pedro recently posted a preview of a new piece called Genisi, which contains organically developing systems and organisms displaying life-like kinematic motion.

Yet more important news from the developer HQ is word of a new and significant release of the software. As a user of VVVV myself, and someone who has seen over 4 years of releases, I was very excited to see one particular piece of new functionality – the ability to edit and create nodes using a code editor within the standard visual programming environment.

Update 300910: I’m excited to add that I’ll be heading to Node 10 to perform two live audio-visual pieces, Rynth and Untitled[BioAcoustic Study] at the one of the nightly events. A video of the latter, which was originally made as a collaborative work with the sound artists Francisco Lopez, can be found here.

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