Lauren Seiden – Gardens of Noise

Looped - Lauren Seiden
Looped – Lauren Seiden

Lauren Seiden uses found images obtained from the web, which she manipulates, to use as a base to map out complex gestural compositions that allude to natural forms, intricate webs, venation patterns and other botanical conglomerations. Her meticulously precise technique allows for the creation of patterns systems that bare notable similarity to those created using computational techniques such as pseudo-random noise generation (Perlin Roots and Perlin Sketch, by Stinging Eyes on Flickr, are good examples of this comparison)

Many of the drawings contain overlayed translucent cellular colonies inter-connected by tendrils which resemble the networks generated by surface colonising symbionts such as the Lichens. In others works, such as Looped, there is a strong insinuation of movement – as if small filaments or hairs are responding to tiny turbulent air currents. In many of the drawings we are left guessing as to to the nature of the original blueprint images used, and possible transmutation from the mundane to the miraculous.

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