Selected Tweets #8 May-July 2010

The Pyramid - SublueThe Pyramid – Sublue

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Black Rain by Semiconductor utilises Heliospheric imaging of solar winds and coronal mass ejections.

1-Bit Symphony by Tristan Perich is an electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip.

Organizing Critters, by Seung Joon Choi, where Critter bots double as frenetic action painters.

ButDoesItfloat collates drawings by Robert Horvitz, who’s Quantum Symmetries were mentioned previously at DataisNature.

Variable4 uses meteorological sensors & algorithmic scores to translate weather conditions into music.

Tele-present wind, by David Bowen, where Installation dynamics are derived from outside wind measurements.

Magic Mountains & Impossible Clouds – Alex Yudzon’s pattern-map scenographies.

The Pyramid by Subblue. Hazy pyramidal recursive structures that transform into mountains over time.

Impossible Cloud 9 - Alex Yudzon & The Pyramid - SublueImpossible Cloud 9 – Alex Yudzon

Defetto’s Moiré consists of 3-Dimensional trapezoid transformations set to Jan Jelinek’s music.

The kinetic sonic sculptures of Chung-kun including Kong, a light sensitive percussive contraption.

Fabric Machine – Katrin Stumreich. Light sensors measure moving fabric opacities and use the data to generate sound .

UVA’s Speed of Light. A fibre optic installation that generates intersecting light beams.

Alex Mclean & Geraint Wiggins have uploaded their paper on ‘Bricolage Programming in the creative arts.’

Sphere & Torus Autologlyphs [ via Selective-Laser-Sintering] by Henry Segerman for Bridges 2010.

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