Tohu777 – Structure Synth Architectonics

Tohu777 - Structure Synth ArchitectonicsCompositions – Tohu777

The generative art application Structure Synth, developed by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen, was mentioned at Dataisanture back in 2008. Complex iterative structures can be generated using highly condensed code syntax. There’s been a ongoing trend, using the software, to export the structures and render them in Sunflow giving them architectural qualities.

Tohu777’s Flickr series explores Structure Synth’s recursive grammar syntax to create compositions that resemble building facades, complex interiors and welded superstructures. There are also renders of complete building complexes utilising random seeds to generate variations on a theme. Tohu777’s use of random variables within the program is particularly well executed. It allows the generation of complex life-like, and believable, structures that appear to have considered and well thought-out spatial relationships between the many component elements.

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