Telcosystems – 12_Series

Telcosystems - 12_Series
Telcosystems – 12_Series

Telcosystems, formed of a trio of artists based in Holland, have built up a large body of work dealing with digital audiovisual investigations particularly programmatic imaging and spatial sound. Their latest work 12_Series consist of an horizon of flickering monitors, each containing grid-noise patterns with 12 speakers augmenting the changing screen configurations with spatial sound abstractions. Alluding to visualised Morse code, hermetic text and non standard music notation the screen content shifts from one state to another. The screens, appearing to be in mutual communication with one another, switch on and off, and the patterns constantly change their depth of field.

‘Telcosystems use evolutionary models in their algorithms for generating their audiovisual compositions. The complexity in their work emerges out of variation and mutation of rudimentary patterns. Telcosystems conducted research into the experience of spatiality, and place their works between installation, film and sound’

The net result of 12_Series, is a kind of visualised computer intelligence or ‘thinking’ process, and an aesthetics of emergent behaviour. But the intelligence is not complete, its somehow distracted, insinuated by the faltering mechanism of consciousness, the sudden ‘shut-downs’ of individual screens, and then a reconfiguration of its collective memory upon awakening.

The group has published a companion book to the piece, including a DVD and some excellent articles by Arie Altena, Joost Rekveld and Murray Horne.

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