Selected Tweets #6

Selected Tweets #6Lebbeus Wood’s Anti-gravity Tomb proposal

Microblogged: recent selected tweets from my Twitter stream.

Local Area Networks: Drawings of architectural deconstructions with Op-Art-esque fa̤ades РViktor Timofeev.

Felice Varini creates geometric installation-paintings that question our perception of perspective.

‘A focus that will not stay in focus’. Documentary on the Op-Art exhibition, The Responsive Eye, New York, 1965.

Bioform sculptures – Tomáš Medek. Seed/Pollen/bulb-shaped wireframe, triangulation & sliceform constructions.

The mutable illusory sculptures of Hiroyuki Hamada. Including storage device-like objects.

The Light sensitive ‘intelligence’ of Braitenberg’s Vehicles have been Elegantly adapted by Casey Reas.

As One – Makoto Yakabi. Meditative geometric abstractions of multiplicity [CGI].

Brownian gargoyles: A Crystalpunk Automaton for the Chain-Reaction Glitterati – SocialFiction.

Knitting and computation. Cellular Automata Rule 110 as knitting instruction.

Visual music: Clavilux 2000 – Jonas Friedmann Heuer. Midi output to a VVVV patch generates lasting musical visualisation.

Selected Tweets #6LOGICWILBRKYOURHART – Viktor_Timofeev

Geometric Calligraphy. The DAMs page of computer plotter drawings from the 1960s.

Abstract geometric ink plotter drawings made using a Commodore Amiga – Bill Hinz.

Margaret Noble is collecting sound art recordings [Anechoic pulses, glass Kalimbas & Saturn’s radio Emissions].

Sonic peripheries at Silent Listening: Dispersion of Soundwaves in Ice Sheets.

Living science-art interfaces. A compendium of bacterio-aesthetics and microbial-art.

The Bacterial Orchestra, by Olle Cornéer and Martin Lü a self-organizing evolutionary musical organism.

Kinetic sonic multiplicities, the work of Zimoun.

Serial Consign’s ‘Four or Five Chess Machines’ examines chess as a translating system and encoding mechanism in art.

‘Means of Production’ – Serial Consign delivers a another quality indepth post on Fabbing and Digital Art.

Riding electromagnetic currents into the void. Butdoesitfloat collates pictures of Lebbeus Wood’s Anti-gravity Tomb proposal.

Trust-fun explores head scarf couture ready for the apocalypse adored with garish fractals and strange attractors.

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