Actop – Surreal Trapcode Landscapes

Amateur - Actop
Amateur – Actop

Actop is a creative cell based in Barcelona consisting of Alvaro P. Posadas and César Pésquera. A browse through their recent Flickr sets reveals a range of subtly coloured abstract landscapes. Much of the work is generated using the Trapcode special effects plugins for After Effects. A recently completed work, Amateur, almost completely absolves the use of colour in favour of blue tinged organic forms creating delicately formed landscapes. Filament and tubule structures conspire to create panoramas reminiscent of the hypnogogic paintings of the Surrealist Yves Tanguy. We could also be convinced of a perspective arrived at from the lens of a scanning electron microscope, looking down at miniature organisms and plants. You can view the video of Amateur, as well as other works, at Actop’s Vimeo page.

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