Erwin Keustermans – Patterns by Partition

Erwin Keustermans
Patterns by Partition – Erwin Keustermans

Erwin Keustermans has created a number of hand drawings using the human equivalent of a sub-divisioning algorithm (as well as a number of other process based systems). The ‘Patterns by Partition’ collection derive two dimensional circular networks from this simple repetitive process of gesture constraint. The circular lattices in the set of works made for the Museum Dr. Guislain occasionally allude to plant forms. 6*6*6*6*6 compares well to the genus of Taraxacum, for example. Elsewhere in this set, the symmetrical aligned shapes begin to become populated by biomorphic shapes, botanical ephemera, and personages. 1001 pays homage to the well known ‘outsider’ artist Adolf Wölfli, incorporating his style of drawing into the compositions.

Erwin’s Cubes set contain motifs with notable similarity to Rangoli – a form of sand/flour painting decoration found in the doorways of homes in India. Rangoli patterns are constructed by connecting a matrix of dots in a procedural way to create symmetrical ornamentation. Similarly Erwin intersperses the sub-divided shape patterns with dots, in the case of 8x8x8 there is also the illusion of a flattened hyperbolic sphere. These pieces further confronts us with the possibility of a combinatorial set of board games, with various species of, as yet, unfathomable Draughts and/or Go board alternatives. The set of cube drawings are mounted together to form the impressive geometric sculpture – The Cabinet of Cubic Partitions.

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