Hubert Blanz – Geospaces

Geospaces - Hubert Blanz
Geospaces – Hubert Blanz

The similarities between the schematics of PCB’s (printed circuit boards) and the layout of towns and cities has been noted extensively. In both cases typical constraints derived from functionality generates grid-like orderings of items and objects with similar scale distributions. In both, the transportation of materials is explicit and that flow is regarded as one of the paramount aspects to planning, whether it be the flow of people, goods, electrons, or data.

Hubert Blanz Geospaces C-Prints take this isomorphism to its logical limit, to a point where both cities and circuit boards merge into one, and where the macro and micro scales contain each other. The components in Hubert’s city circuits are cleverly positioned to temp the viewer into making specific associations. Varying shades of green hint at different kinds of neighbourhoods, for example, and circular elements appear as concert halls or auditoriums.

A excellent book documenting PCBs from both an artistic and historical point of view is the out of print ‘Information Art: Diagramming Microchips’ by Cara McCarty. You can find some images from the book here.

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