The MandelBulb – Daniel White

The MandelBulb - Daniel White
The MandelBulb – Daniel White

Once in a while a new species of self-similarity jumps out of the screen contrasting itself against an otherwise clich̩d gang of garish and well-worn looking fractals. The Mandelbulb is an extruded 3d implementation of the well-known Mandelbrot iterative function developed by Daniel White. This particular chaotic expulsion generates organic looking surfaces complete with baroque vegetation Рits not hard to imagine a forest of Romanesque cauliflowers invading a small cave, growing in clumps of (a)symmetry.

As well as the botanical, the Mandelbulb also alludes to the geological. Contained within the complex forms are rocky striations and eroded sedimentations. Some of the renders have a distinctly plastery feel to them – envisage the work of a hyper industrious Artex artisan hooked on Hofstader.

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