Flickr Fruits #31

Flickr Fruits #31
BridgeFill04 0001 – Marius Watz

Marius Watz’s recently documented generative piece, Bridge Hypothesis, was made for ‘Bright Nights’ a projection event connected with the centennial celebration of the Manhattan Bridge. The work is marked by a strong sense of colour combined with some complex compositions of individual elements. These elements take the form of branching structures which spread into space of their own accord with ‘no regard for gravity.’

Toxi’s [Karsten Schmidt] Onedotzero set documents his identity generator software, developed in collaboration with W+K, for the AV festival of the same name. The piece, which was projected onto the facade of BFI in London, concerns itself with the mathematics behind magnetic fields. In keeping with the open source ethos Toxi has released the entire engine for you play around with. Furthermore there is Flickr group documenting hacks, remixes and extensions of the code.

As with the previous two artists, Kat Masback is no stranger to these pages. A recent Flickr set, Proslop extends an idea she first presented to us for the Biomorph addition of Vague Terrain. Dice throws are used as a generative device to create combinatorial drawings with structures derived from random number sequences.

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