Flickr Fruits #30

Flickr Fruits #30
Fragment – Jonas Loh

Wertarbeit’s Flickr stream collates screen grabs of Jonas Loh’s & Steffen Fiedler’s bachelor thesis ‘IDENTITÄT – The Gestalt of digital identity’ which examines ways in which digital identities can be generated from personal datasets. Scape uses a 2-dimensional particle system which is then extruded to create a personal data landscape. Fragment takes the form of a typical network schema creating delicate non-uniform lattices representing online behaviours of specific individuals.

Miska has produced a large set of slit-scan works documenting journeys via plane and train, as well as temporal journeys through time while the position of her camera remains fixed. The spatio-temporal image of a flight from Helsinki to Paris not only reveals cloud levels and densities during the journey but also alludes to ice particle patterns forming on the surface of a plane window while it is in flight. The slit-scan visualisation of a river boat trip along banks the River Seine show Paris to be the results of a spectral analysis where the horizontal maxima represent the brightness of street lights. Another Flickr set reveals a wind movement visualisation or wind-drawing – a process whereby a wind data-trace is converted into a sculptural form using a CNC milling machine.

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  1. kris northern writes:

    Love the flickr fruits series – Just wanted to let you know that the “wind movement visulisation” link is the same as the River Seine

  2. paul writes:

    heh kris, glad you like the series and thanks for the info, link is now fixed!

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