Selected Tweets #3

Selected Tweets #3
Green Desert – Bernhard Edmaie

Microblogged: Selected Tweets, during June 2008, from my Twitter stream:

For non-standard notation aficionados – staves and musical maps at Strangetractor.

Circuit board aesthetics – recent work from Mark Wilson, plus an in-depth interview with the artist at Geoform.

Earth morphologies – beautiful photographs by Bernhard Edmaie.

‘Broken lines of thought, false statements & fictional scenarios’ – thoughtful work by Jørgen Lello & Tobias Arnell.

Geodesic Outposts – the work of Will Yackulic, plus interview at Libbysniche.

‘Catching up with the temporal horizon’ & other very small code-based artworks (Microcodes) – Pall Thayer.

Decryptopattern, Cymatic experiments by Daisuke Ishida & Noriko Yamaguchi.

The freehand suburbs of Subdivisionville – work from Ross Racine.

Dense fractures, rhizomes, filaments & structures – 2009 Flickrs from ‘I Aint An Artist.’

Carvalhais is collating his readings on Rudy Rucker, Steven Wolfram, Cellular Automata, Universal Computation, & Computation philosophy.

Worlds first Digital Still Camera (1975) at Wired. It took 23 seconds to record a 100 line image to tape.

Mmmm this is what fresh data should sound like – Twypewriter, a Twitter typewriter.

Selected Tweets #3
Through 150 Dry Wellbores – Torgeir Husevaag

Galaxies forming along filaments – The sculptural work of Tomas Saraceno.

Pixillation modulations Рperceptual grids made in Processing by Xos̩ Salgado.

A myriad of visualisations of randomness at Randomwalk.

Karl Kliem’s synaesthetic visuals for Trioon by Alvo Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Map Projects by Torgeir Husevaag. Works informed by the great meta-mappers Borges and Calvino.

Whimsical schematics from Casanieva on Flickr.

Microgravitorial water droplet from inside the International Space Station.

Brilliant Noise by Semiconductor. Solar winds of radio wave frequencies.

Aeolian earth processing. La morfología de las dunas.

Pointillist imitations by Lego Artbot from Nils Völker.

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