Jan Kempenaer – Spomenik Series

Jan Kempenaer's - Spomenik
Spomenik – Jan Kempenaer

The recent trend in constructing imaginary buildings using photo-realistic montage techniques begged Dataisnature to ask whether the structures in Jan Kempenaer’s photographs of Yugoslavian Communist monuments were actually real at first. His Spomenik (literally ‘monument’) series presents, what seems like, alien architectures, large scale concrete wildstyle extrusions, solidified archigramesque pods and geometric military forts. All appear outlandish in their forgotten and dilapidate state. Disconnected from time, they could all be contenders for the setting of conjectural film version of Borge’s elliptical story ‘The Circular Ruins’.

Fr̩d̩ric Chaubin РCosmic Communist Constructions Photographed

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  1. jan kempenaers writes:

    Dear Dataisnature,
    all real, i am not using any montage techniques in my work.

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