Eva Schindling – Visualising sound collisions and other generative systems.

Phyllotaxis Sphere - Eva Schindling
Phyllotaxis Sphere – Eva Schindling

Eva Schindling uses a variety of computational and generative methodologies to create a range of graphic monochromatic works dealing with emergence, system theory, and the computational modelling of nature.

In Liquid Sound Collision Eva has produced a 3D print from a data interpretation of sound waves colliding, the resultant turbulent form instructs us to consider the invisible process of pressure being transmitted through a gas, as audio meets audio head on.

Her Reaction Diffusion sketch is a of marriage of Op-Art and Biology. Organic black and white patterns, Moire effects, convolutions and distortions are created with smooth linear transitions. The works utilise well know models to compute swirling pattern formations, The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction as well as Reaction Diffusion Equations.

Eva’s Flickr sets of works, sketches and notes can be found here

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