Selected Tweets #2

Rule 30 – Kristoffer Myskja

Microblogging: Selected Tweets, during May, from my Twitter stream.

Marvellous myriad of experimental scores and anarchic aphorisms on musical notation. Notations – John Cage (PDF) at Ubu.

‘Images du monde visionnaire’, cut-up of patterns & textures from explorer of inner territories, Henri Michaux also at Ubu.

Art machines form Kristoffer Myskja, particularly wonderful is the one for generating a rule 30 Cellular Automata.

Magnetic termites construct mounds according to fixed, genetically inherited axes via passed down DNA blueprints at Environmentalgraffiti.

Binary cross-stitch for Alan Turing. Literal translations of titles to stitched binary – Cody Trepte.

The secret life of geophysical magnetism. Semi-fictional animated visualisations from Semiconductor.

Varietal Urbanus Female and other miraculous mechanical anima from Choe U Ram.

Stan Vanderbeek – Symmetrics (1972) Hypnotic geometric modulations.

Elegant Harmongraphic glyphs at Subblue.

Patabotany, Pataecology & Patabotanical Morphology via Foam. Alfred Jarry meets Biololgy.

Tetris Effect – Playing Tetris for a long durations can cause hypnogogic and spatial ‘flashbacks’.

Pigmentation of seashells reveals insights into neural network interaction at SeedMagazine.

South London flat transformed into a gemstone cavern – Roger Hiorn.

10 ways of drawing music. Experiments in music notation from some of the 20th Century’s finest composers. Exhibition, New Langton Arts, San Francisco.

Rhythm 23 (1923) – Hans Richter. Abstract geometric cinema from 1923.

Self-portraits derived from MRI & CAT scan data – Angela Palmer.

Blinkity Blank – Norman McLaren. Animated syneasthetic Ideograms.

Flickr Venn Mastery from Frank C.

Live AV environments by Modulate

Kinetic solar system mobiles from Daniel Chadwick

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