Flickr Fruits #27

DSCN0773 – Tomx2008

Combining symmetrical tessellation, organic and biological forms with an entheogenic colour pallete, Ekiselev’s, work reveals a joyful indulgence in patterns and complexity. Portal Mirror consists of monochromatic modulations of bilateral symmetry resisting perfection and creating liquid morphologies. Elsewhere anthropomorphic forms coagulate into psychedelic scenes, imagine Yellow Submarine informed by Tryptamines as opposed to being Lysergically disposed. Cosmopartie is a good example.

Resourceful ingenuity, an understanding of light to create atmosphere, and the use of found and everyday objects is exploited fully in both Francois Delfosse Antarctica group and tomx2008’s coastline simulations. In the former crumpled plastic bags are alchemically transformed in to glaciers and ice caverns, the latter seascape atmospheres rely on beach combed pieces of glass.

Antartica in a plastic bag – Francois Delfosse

Bower Birdz has a spectacular set of microscopy pictures, as usual, revealing a lexicon of intricate structures, lattice formations and crystalline geometries.

Todo’s Spamghetto project takes spam email messages and regurgitates them into branches and tendrils creating swaying patterns that make up a large wallpaper print. ‘A quick glance at the spam mailbox always provides fresh inspiration: bizarre subjects guides us in the quest for the definitive answer to fundamental humans’ problems’.

Tsopanid’s Cloudspeaker uses rapid prototyping technology to create a speaker unit who’s structure is a a visualisation of sound itself. Data from sound analysis, such as amplitude, is mapped over time and used to generate the 3d form which is them manufactured via a 3d printer.

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