Linn Meyers – undulation, interference & turbulence


Linn Meyers employs a very simple rule-based process to create complex organic geometric drawings that remind us of dense geographic contours, sound wave mappings, or the irregular meanderings of the groove of a vinyl record. Constrained by the bounds of primitive shapes she draws a single line that completely covers a surface, something like the human equivalent of the space-filling curve equation. The line never touches itself and aberrations are amplified upon each pass of the line creating linear undulations. Distant views, at least in the photographic documentation, appear to present subtle Moir̩ effects and welcome interference patterns Рanother layered allusion to sound. Often, on moving inwards, the lines appear to move into a turbulent zone creating a vortex of movement.

Human Robots & Space-Filling Emotions

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  1. GHOSTPOWER » retrospect writes:

    […] ayer_1″, {soundFile:”aHR0cDovL2dob3N0cG93ZXIub3JnL2F1ZGlvLzIubXAzA”}); Images by Linn Meyers
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  2. manuel gomes writes:

    yes, nature is data
    in google maps * Erta Ale * (volcano, Eritreia)
    and then go to the photos
    Above, in the nebulas, the same

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