Flickr Fruits #26

Marram Study – Vina Rust.

Mark Cassino has an excellent collection of photographed snow flake crystals – dendritic growth patterns radiate in their classic 6-fold symmetrical arrangements. The refracted light upon a rarefied blue background reveal the crystals hexagonal lattices in sharp contrast. The forms could be seen as natures own data visualisation of air conditions – each unique formation being a complex consequence of temperature, humidity and pressure as the crystals form while descending through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fdecomite has a large collection of Stellations and Polyhedra, both generated using PovRay and existing in the ‘real world’ in the form of paper and wood constructions. ‘Stellation is a process of constructing new polygons by extending elements such as edges or face planes, usually in a symmetrical way, until they meet each other again’ For a full taxonomy of the 75 non-prismatic uniform polyhedra, as well as 44 stellated forms check out Wenniger’s list of models.

Vina Rust creates beautifully finished Jewellery inspired by biological illustrations and micro photographs. Some pieces appear as cross sectional dissections of plant stems revealing the organisation of cells of which Vina says ‘ there is a musical quality….. they reveal themes and variations in the logical patterning and loose architecture determined by functionality’.

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  1. Kiril writes:

    Great site Paul! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Francesco De Comite writes:

    Hi, thanks for citing my collection of polyhedra pictures. I must say that I have no real wood model. If you thought that some of my renders were real wood, I am very proud !

  3. paul writes:

    Kiril, a pleasure… interesting work on your site.

  4. paul writes:

    Francesco, thanx for dropping by…. and thanks for material clarification, i shall ammend a sentence in the post…

  5. Vina writes:

    A beautiful blog you have here – so nice to be included in it. Thank you, Paul!

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