Mattia Casalegno – Dissipative Structures & Cartesian thought-forms


Mattia Casalegno applies organic compositions and linear multiforms, melding biological, ecological and synaesthetic ideas into his generative artworks. Structure Dissipative, a combination of granular synthesis and chaotic particle systems, is inspired by the term coined by Ilya Prigogine. The term describes the way in which systems dissipate entropy into their environment in order to form greater levels of organisation within – it lays the ground work for modern theories of self-organising systems and concepts such as Emergence. Sounds of Complexity, in collaboration with Enzo Varriale, is an interpretation of EEG patterns – readings of minute electrical currents generated by the human brain. Prior recordings of EEG information is converted in to sound which is then analysed in VVVV to generate a Carteisan translation of human thought-forms.

Much of the early pioneering work done in EEG research was carried out by W Grey Walter and is recounted in his seminal book on the subject, ‘The Living Brain’. All though this book is outdated from a technical point of view it has some great chapters describing the strange variety of effects on cognition & EEG readings by flickering lights, strobes and other sensory stimuli.

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