Hyperseeing Journal

Vorodo – Bathsheba Grossman

The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture has published HYPERSEEING regularly since fall 2006. It contains a selection of articles, news, book review and comment on artworks with a strong grounding in mathematical concepts and philosophy. The content is particularly strong on 3 dimensional work with a leaning towards topological sculptures informed by surface formulae. Other areas of interest include knots, space-filling curves, hyperspatial structures, and (im)possible figures. The Spring 09 issue has just been added to the website. It features work and papers from artists familiar to Dataisnature readers – Hyperbolic Crochet from Daina Taimina and printed sculpture from Bathsheba Grossman. It also contains a stimulating article entitled ‘Art as a metaphor for the Fourth-Dimension’ by Irene Rousseau.

For a very decent overview of topological/surface sculpture go no further than Edmund Harriss’s post at his blog, Maxwelldemon. More info on surface exotica can also be found at an earlier Dataisnature post.

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  1. suz writes:

    Beautiful blog! B must really bi the Truth! Found any metaphysical beeings?

  2. paul writes:

    thanks suz, metaphysical beings? You mean creatures from the hyperbolic dimensions?

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