Andrew Evans – Hyperstructures, Arcologies & Rubble.

The Jipip Tenderloin District – Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans’s intricate pen drawings of city sprawls and calligraphic settlements might be architectural layouts for the fantastic arcologies often dreamed of in simulations such as Sim City or Civilisation. A set of drawings describe an imagined(?) town with each strata of infrastructure exposed and layered in an organised sprawl. Detailed drawings of this place reveal dense suburbs of interconnected machinery, towers, cable cars and enmeshed hyperstructures.

Just as wonderful, in places, are Andrews captures of destroyed & partly demolished buildings. Towers remain defiant among piles of rubble Рmonumental and elegiac. In another picture slabs of refusing concrete cling to the outside fa̤ade like a war-torn monolith.

2 Responses to “Andrew Evans – Hyperstructures, Arcologies & Rubble.”

  1. emma mcnally writes:

    puts me in mind of kathy prendergasts ‘city drawings’

  2. paul writes:

    Thanks for the lead Emma, kathy’s works are wonderful! There seems to be an emerging trend of artists ‘growing’ city drawings at the moment.

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