Sonic polychrome liquid communities

Sonic Liquid Figures
Waterfigures from Linden.G

The sonification of form in materials such as liquids and powders is well-known and famously documented in Hans Jenny’s experiments of which he developed a field of science known as Cymatics. By passing different frequencies of sound through liquids Jenny demonstrated a range of geometric and organic patterns of intricate complexity and resembling a range of process patterns found in nature. Linden.g’s Flickr set compiles high speed exposure captures of coloured liquids and immersions under the influence of sound waves. The photographic technique has also been used by Fotoopa but without a sound input. Both sets contain resonant globular communities and amorphous congregations of anthropomorphic figures. Sometimes the forms take on exact geometries, circular fan shapes grow from the menisci, elsewhere perfect spheres coagulate.

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  1. jgrzinich writes:

    incredible photos. for me the beauty in Hans Jenny’s work lies in the movement of the forms. i’d like to see these stills in motion and get some details on the frequencies used. as usual, sound is used as the key generating force yet the significance of this is left aside for the visual.

  2. paul writes:

    I’m sure you’ve seen Jenny’s books which give very precise details of frequencies and materials used in order recreate very specific aggregations, patterns and forms. For sure it would be great to see these moving but I do think they exist as separate artifacts in their own right. They freeze time to an instant revealing subtleties of form impossible to appreciate in film, and thats their power. Technically it would also be very difficult or expensive to film at this macro level. Having said that Cymatics is ALL about movement, pulsations and periodic movement, and I agree, nothing can compare to seeing these incredible patterns generated in real time by sound. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Polychrome. | writes:

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