Flickr Fruits #25 – Fantastic Voyages.

Nassula, Un Ciliado Aspirardor – Proyecto Agua

Proyecto Agua’s journeys into the microcosmos have revealed a dazzling set of verdant pond creatures and microbe mysteries. Semi translucent protozoa appear to contain jewel like cells and self-organising lattices made of refracting gold and silver. Diatoms, Amphoras and many of our other nano sized friends compete for our attention. Protean love at first sight.

Jedw.40cat’s travels take us meandering past the dense formations of bubbles in foams and the galactic swirls of coloured liquids in various suspensions. Vast exploding supernovas and psychedelic encounters are captured in the fantastic interactions of colours and textures. Jupiter and beyond.

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  1. no name writes:

    When I was a kid I saw, in a drop of pond water, a microscopic bi-valve scooping up algae with little “feeler” type arms. This was in a high-school biology class and we were using microscopes, so the bi-valve was truely microscopic. It was something I’ll never forget.

  2. Serial Consign writes:

    Vague Terrain 14: Biomorph

    [Michael Hansmeyer / process3c: Tetrahedron]

    Neil Wiernik and I were fortunate enough to score Paul Prudence as a guest curator for the most recent issue of Vague Terrain. Paul has entitled his issue Biomorph and it addresses “biological, botanical a…

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