Richard Galpin – Generation, Geometry and Perception

Richard Galpin
Free State I Richard Galpin

Utilising a methodical analogue process of cutting away the surface emulsion of photographs of cities, Richard Galpin recent work arrives at complex geometric architectural crystallisations, fragmentary projections, dislocated plans of possible utopian/dystopian cities.

‘These new works impose basic geometric shapes which work as an axis from which to structure the selection or removal of chaotic city elements… I have some sense that perception of form and colour in the city is being tested – and confounded’

We might suppose the original photographs map out the subsequent scalpel processing to produce these neo constructivist reflections and prismatic cubist conjectures of the urban environment. Especially interesting is the way in which the sense of space is confounded by flat grid-like arrangements ‘growing’ into three-dimensional façades. These works are yet more excellent examples of how process-based limitations generate dislocated emergent complexities.

Richards works can bee seen in London at the Hales Gallery until the 2nd May 2009.

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