Journey Drawings – Tim Knowles

Tim Knowles
Monaco Grand Prix Track Drawing Tim Knowles

SerialConsign recently made an nice post on a group of process based art works by Tim Knowles where trajectories of car journeys were recorded using bespoke drawing mechanisms. A home-made device records every nuance of the cars movement as it is steered, accelerated and decelerated. The vectors of the lines are in opposition to the movement of the car instigating a pseudo harmonographic principle to chaotic extremes.

Elsewhere Tim’s quirky postal drawings are tracings of an object travelling through the postal system’s time-space. In this case its safe to say that the travelling is certainly more important than the arriving, perhaps the travelling is the arriving.

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  1. Greg J. Smith writes:

    Hey Paul, another link – Knowles is showing right now at bitforms in NYC.

  2. Anand writes:

    Hi Paul, Remember me?
    Really a nice post. Never knew that people could think so much in terms of Chaos and Arts. Really interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anand writes:

    BTW. you can add GEB too on your books list. :-)

  4. paul writes:

    thanks for the update greg!,

    Anand? Bridges Leeuwarden? :) GEB should of course be added. Expect the list to grow significantly in the comming months.

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