Roland Flexner – Sumi Drawings

Roland Flexner
SN21 detail & SN2 – Roland Flexner

Roland Flexner evokes otherworldly landscapes, frozen lakes and deep space implosions in his Sumi Drawings. Using a set of process-based techniques, filaments, flows, reflections, stratifications and geological formations arise from techniques applied to the tradition of Sumigashi – a process where Sumi ink is floated on layers of gelatine and water. Blotting this temporarily immiscible solution before it dries allows the creation of metaphysical landscapes similar ones found in some Surrealist works. Max Ernst used a similar technique, known as décollage, to create some of his most well know works. What’s interesting is that this fleeting process simulates textures, erosions and deposits that occur geologically on earth over thousands of years. It’s as if the processes, not only converges the micro and the macroscopic but also unite elements of the microsecond with the Aeon.

Also worth checking out are Roland’s excellent bubble drawings.

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