Thinking Nothing, Then Everything – Jill Gallenstein

Thinking Nothing, Then Everything (detail) – Jill Gallenstein

Biological and floral patterns define their own elaborate development, producing complex organic geometries in Jill Gallenstein ink drawings on paper.

‘The patterns created are not static and they are not perfect. There is room for anomalies that lead to mutations….As time and space move on, larger patterns begin to appear. Something which was once thought to be a lone structure in the universe may actually be part of a larger whole’

Much like the process of chemotaxis where multicellular organisms direct their movements according to certain chemicals in their environmental system, some cells continue to grow in self-similar formations while others move onto new horizons, forming new systems, and creating triggers for new structures.

Jill’s compositions could be the equivalent of Josh Davis’s computational abstractions, both provide manifold decoration for instant retinal pleasure. The drawings were recently included in Radialvedic, a show exploring ‘the subtleties of intrigue with simple objects, zippers, needles, ink and glass, transformed into complex and curious spectacles’ at the Johansson Projects in Oakland, US.

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