Flickr Fruits 19#

Rotation7 – Don Relyea

The growing trend towards producing generative works that mimic human gestures continues. Whitecross has produced a fresh set of works that use Miró as a reference point, whilst combining a space filling splatter pattern.

Don Relyea has used a programmed slitscan technique to generate distorted multi-forms from simple primitives. The process has transformed squares and rectangles into delicious wildstyle graffiti

Capturevision’s Surface Dimensions set contains deformations, transformations and superformula reconstructions, many with tantalising complexity.

Fdecomite’s Olive Oil Circles are another great example of the aesthetics of immiscibility. The gradients appear more synthetic as the colours become more metallic. Elsewhere you can view his solution to George Harts (72) pencils sculpture puzzle.

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  1. CaptureVision writes:


    First, thanks for you comments and publishing. You are quite right in your analysis (transforms and superformulas reconstruction). For theses sets I have been working with the great EskimoBlood’s “surfaceLib” processing library. I have now added several new surfaces, thanks to Paul Bourke pages and will soon release a new set based on various parameters deformations based on coordinates and various noise-functions.
    I will post an update at my blog.

    Sebastien Parodi (aka CaptureVision).

  2. paul writes:

    Nice to hear from you captureVision. Im sure the generative arts community & processing scene would like to see your new surfaces. There are some really nice structures going on in your work.

  3. CaptureVision writes:

    Thanks Paul,
    I must say I’m very flattered for being selected in dataisnature, which is about one of my favorite readings..
    if you wish, you can see two other preliminary works galleries here :

    Surface Works

    Floral Surfaces

    Once again, thanks for your interest in my works, I will soon start blogging about the whole process. Keep up the good Work.

    Sebastien Parodi (aka CaptureVision)

  4. Don Relyea writes:

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my work.
    There is a low res 38k shockwave demo illustrating the slitscan process if anyone is interested in seeing the process deconstructed.
    It shows the animating primitives and the resulting slitscan image is drawn below. You can move a slider around to select the column of pixels to be “scanned” =)
    Don Relyea

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