Flickr Fruits #18

Sound Memory (Oslo Rain Manifesto) – Marius Watz

Marius Watz’s ‘5 Days Off: Frozen’ set is a document of an exhibition Marius curated recently at the Melkweg Club in Amsterdam. The exhibition took a novel approach to the presentation of work using sound analysis. Rather than present the usual software real-time work, the show was concerned with static works, either prints or sculptures – audio transmissions frozen in space-time.

Appearing to blur the boundaries between human handy work and computational precision are some new doodle/scribble systems by Dave Bollinger. Particularly refined is 20080826A from the OCD set. There’s is a real sense composition through the use of spatial arrangement and scaling of individual elements, as well the kinds of marks used. Never has a Processing sketch looked so hand drawn.

Yuji’s Systematic Transformation Structure set contains a development cycle of work done at the Crankbrook Academy of Art and Architecture. Elegant geometric constructions are made in MDF and paper.

Pavillion Tone’s Pattern collection conveniently groups found, drawn and painted patterns into 12 sets. Dataisnature’s eye immediately homes into the optical/mono patterns. Not to be missed though is the colourful Repeat Patterns set containing no less than 275 photos. Radiant photons dazzle the eye in modulation.

Puntsche’s Strips and Stripes set takes you on a journey along undulating monochromatic highways and flyovers, classily rendered in pure space.

Sting Chen’s set of graphic works from 2005-2006 contain detailed drawings of what appear to be parts of alien organisms, organic biological matter, tendons, cells and morphogenetic filaments. The rounded cellular elements are often counterparted with sharp spikes – these things look they were not designed to interact with human beings!

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