Matt Shlian – Everything, Everything

Matt Shlian
Wash Series – Matt Shlian

Matt Shlian’s large ballpoint pen drawings are refined outputs of personal human computation system. ‘Everything, Everything’ delivers an undulating landscape through a procedural triangulation technique creating an angular web that might have been made by a giant mechanical Voronoi spider. ‘All Possibilities’ reveals the wireframe contours of a mountainous landscape directly from above, computational synthaesthetes will feel immediately at home with its FFT-esque peaks and troughs as though it was informed by sound analysis. Elsewhere on Matt’s site we find geometric tessellations reminiscent of Islamic tile patterns and the enigmatic ‘Kasparov Vs R13’ – an apparent mapping of one of Gary Kasparov’s more difficult games of chess.

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  2. tony packadonuts writes:

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