Triggers for synaesthetes

Welte Light-tone disk Edwin Emil Welte

Tonewheels is a concise historical appraisal of sound-light synthesis with some exciting new inclusions of lesser-know contraptions and artists. Lots of interesting charts, diagrams and musical notation. Vibroexponators, Photonas and Optigans!

James Peels article for the online tendril of cabinet magazine, The Scale and the Spectrum, analyses the history of the chromatics of sound in the context of his own series of colour-music paintings which attempt at presenting a visual installation of silent music.

Frédéric Rossille’s paper Musicality of Victor Vasarely’s Plastic Works makes some convincing arguments for analogies of music idioms to the modular works of our favourite Op-Artist, Mr Vasarely. Discussions of musical modality, counterpart, variation and repetition applied to Vasarely’s works are eloquently taken care of.

Instruments for Natural Philosophy is a large and wonderful index of physics apparatus of special interest to sonophotophiliacs – those dealing with Oscillations and waves, Acoustics, Optics & Optical recreation.

Alain Lioret’s paper Being Paintings, published in 2005, focuses on art created with Cellular Automata, L-system grammar, Morphogenetic algorithms and neural networks.

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  1. Chris King writes:

    I love tone wheels I’m glad you posted a link
    thanks for the blog its exactly my area of interest!

  2. Chris King writes:

    thanks for the blog its exatly my area of interest

  3. paul writes:

    glad you enjoyed the post chris!

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