Aliasing Artifacts and Accidental Algorithmic Art – Craig S Kaplan

Voronoi Patterns – Craig S Kaplan

Craig S Kaplan is well-know in the area of computational ornamentation, professor at the Computer Graphics Lab, University of Waterloo in Canada, his work is widely recognised in the intersecting fields of Maths and Art.

Among many papers and projects he has worked on one particularly caught my eye, ‘Aliasing Artifacts and Accidental Algorithmic Art’. The story of how unexpected imagery arose from a program he developed to render ornamental designs using Voronoi algorithms. Rather than the ‘force the glitch’ kind of attitude we’ve seen recently amongst the circuit bending fraternity or the ‘lets transpose one data set onto another’ methodology dear to the visual glitch worshipers, here the error appears to have originated inside the computer architecture itself. His program, with its unexpected combination of signal processing behaviour and aliasing artefacts, has created intricate ornamental lattices and Op-Art like mysteries.

A little more Voronoi and Glitch?

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