Flicker Fruits #16 Summer Monsoon collection

Spring 2 (detail) – Kat Masback

Proving that digital dysfunction can emit hermetic code and alchemical emotion, simultaneously, is (((o)))’s sonic visual glitch poem )22-f. The stills capture moments of moon transit, including its occlusion via an atmospheric pixallation process. The video, synaesthetic with syncopated sound, describes the moon in a fluttering dialogue with the light and dark horizons of the Underworld. Also check out the Mondrian Morse code contained within the NogoZone_soundtoy set.

K masbacks drawings, particularly of imaginary network configurations and charts, continue to bring joy! Network sketch comes across part musical notation, part Paul Klee whimsy and part psychgeographic conjecture. Spring 2 appears to be taken from an atlas of cybergeography or a textbook on molecular structure – here the association with computation is implicit.

Visual research can take many unexpected turns and the most unsurprising sources can prove influential. A great example is JosephKings Security Patterns set, an ‘On-going project to collect and organize envelope security patterns from around the world’. All the scans possess a space-filling pattern and/or decoration, but some point in the direction of Optical Art while others imply the morphology of dots and dashes seen on the coats and fur of some of this planets more exotic animals.

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  1. Barbara writes:

    Thanks for distracting me from my work by directing me to k masback’s gorgeous work! I just spent an hour grinning my face off…

  2. paul writes:

    They are great! Very refreshing.

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