Maia Valenzuela -The Sea Inside

Maia Valenzuela

Maia Valenzuela’s ‘The Sea Inside’ Flickr set proposes a convincing mix of storytelling and space-filling decoration, micro narratives existing in the hand-to-pen algorithms. Alluding to a miniscule whimsy of particle physics we approach Aunty Matter where mandalic energy patterns radiate from emitter particles. The patterns remind us of Leadbeater & Beasant’s Theosophical work Occult Chemistry exposing an ancient insight into modern subatomic particle structure. Chlorophiliacs plants the possibility of cellular entities inhabiting a globular tree – like a living Archigram-esque treehouse. In Double shelix an organic bilateral symmetric motif unfolds into a resultant floral totem.

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  1. Patrick Raddatz writes:

    On a side-note, this very much reminds me of The Orb – Auntie Aubrey’s Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty: The Orb Remix Project, where this kind of pattern is not only visually represented, audially too. And a nice record to have, that is.

    Long time no hear,
    best, Patrick

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