Eno Henze – The Human Factor

The Human Factor (detail) – Eno Henze

Attractor fields, particle trails and the traceries of atomic decay appear heavily in Eno Henze’s large scale generative drawings realised in VVVV. These drawings encourage views from both a close-up perspective and from afar. At a distant the macroscopic gaze formulates complex systems of filaments and trace lines forming large coherent structures, as in The Human Factor. Under the microscope the lines appear to be hand drawn, as if a shaking hand scribbled a chaotic mess of lines with a coloured marker. Its to this end that The Human Factor hints at the intercorrelation between machine and hand, the micro-scribbles coalescing into a large scale vaporous structure – a snapshot of an iridescent fabric caught in a complex dynamic. Eno recently showed a new drawing, ‘The search for the absolute’, at Node08 that was inspired by spatial simulations of particle physics. The piece used a laser rigged up to VVVV so that a large composite drawing could be made on 32 panels of photosensitive wood. The resulting decorative surface contains glyphs and spiralling calligraphs of radioactive emission.

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