Info Abstractions – Alex Dragulescu

Spam Architecture – Alex Dragulescu

Romanian born, Alex Dragulescu conjures digital structuralist abstractions from databases, Spam-noise, blogs and musical compositions. His Spam Architecture set results in crisply rendered architectural cutouts that are the transformational replies to sets of Spam emails. The structure of each of these futurist abodes is defined by the patterns and rhythms of keywords analysed in Junk email – ultimately translated into ‘three-dimensional modelling gestures’.

The visual music of ‘Extrusions in C Major’ finds a space teeming with notes (segments), entangled in a cubist construct but somehow conveying the essential rhythms, modulations and counterpoints of Mozart’s Trio C-Major for Piano, Violin and Cello. ‘The structures develop segment by segment, each segment representing a note of a particular instrument from the composition. Each notes’ characteristic – velocity, value and duration is translated into the segments weight, length and rotation.

Elsewhere on Alex’s site you’ll find visualisations of spyware code, computer code viruses and worms modelled in the form of their biological counterparts as well as his VJ tool, Brecht. Brecht uses database queries and Java instructions to trigger live visuals from material that is stored in a MySQL database. Logs of server transactions and syntax errors are incorporated into the live visualisation process.

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