Flickr Fruits #15 – Liquid projections

Flickr Fruits #15
Blobs – Deaxismundi

Here follows some Flickr sets that exploit the aesthetic of liquid immiscibility both real and virtual:

Crashingslowly insinuates the musicality of immiscibility with his Jazz series, ‘Composition in G’ utilises time-based exposures to offer up a range of liquid galaxy formations.

Infostuka preliminates a generative project with some liquid sketches containing interplay between water, oil, ink, soy sauce and detergent. Microscopic biological cellular forms arise out of these quarter-edible interactions.

Deaxismundi virtualises the process with his blobs set, using emitters in VVVV, to exact some luminescent mercurial molten metals – computational alchemy in action.

Alh84001’s images tagged with ‘diffusion’ are constructed using ‘two rhodamines (red + yellow), a coumarin derivative (blue), and good old green fluorescein’. The resulting bifurcations and flow schematics were produced by taking macros of these ‘fluorescent dyes diffusing into solvent under UV illumination.

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  1. mrG writes:

    I recognize the language as my mother tongue, but beyond that I cannot say any more beyond that the imagery is beautiful.

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