NODE08 – A reVVVVelation…


With lectures, workshops, patcher kutcha’s, exhibitions and installations concerning the visual programming video toolkit VVVV, NODE08 really was an inspirational event. The Lectures were dense and diverse, stepping aside too much emphasis on the software itself and opening up dialogues on a range of provocative subjects such biotech art, the archaeology of generative art and parametric architectural procedures.

I gave a survey of visual music, the sonification of form, recursive systems and software simulated video feedback as generative process.

The Patcher Kutcha presentations were amazing, with works that stretched the preconceived ideas of what VVVV can achieve with jaw dropping examples of artistic as well as commercial projects. The workshops, for beginners and experts alike, were highly subscribed too and buzzing. Topics such as typographic treatment, XML content generation, tracking solutions, shader programming, feedback patching, Arduino tinkering and so forth can give some idea of the bandwidth of topics covered. The event culminated in the Vvvvabulous Vvvvinissage where some top Vvvvisualists utilised a multi-screen projection to generate some beautiful high-end real-time graphical environments. Besides the fixed programme, there were projections and working spaces for all Node08 attendees and it was possible to spontaneously show patches, and create exhibits on the fly.

Here is my growing Flickr set of the Node08 event.

Expect a more thorough survey of many of the projects/ideas presented at Node08 in the coming weeks/months.

Thanks to the organisers for inviting me to Frankfurt and a very special thanks to Patrick Raddatz for his great hospitality and help during my stay.

5 Responses to “NODE08 – A reVVVVelation…”

  1. rand526 writes:

    nice post.

    absolutely gutted i couldn’t get to this. hope it all gets documented on the wiki. and ill definately be present at any future events

  2. Greg J. Smith writes:

    Sounds like an impressive event Paul. I’m looking forward to your writing about the work & artists you discovered. :)

  3. r00s writes:

    He! Sounds very nice, is there a place where we could read something about your talk about the sonification of form? or see it back or something? I am very interested!

  4. paul writes:

    heh rand, yeah i thought you might be at node08, i guess you were busy with other projects?

    Roos, the two areas of the ‘sonification of form’ i’m interested in are: Chladni Plates and Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’. Do a search on your favourite video channel and you’ll find some videos illustrating how sound vibrations can effect physical forms to create very interesting patterns. You can even do the experiments at home :) Very shortly i’ll upload the slides of my presentation for reference

    Greg, there were so many interesting projects, presentations & people, it almost deserves a blog of its own. Speaking of which, there is a nice blog of projects at

  5. hrovac writes:

    we recorded the whole lecture day (incl. paul) and we are trying to finish the composing in the next days/weeks. see for links.

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